5 Ways to Manage Extreme Stress While Achieving a Goal

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Stress is our ultimate “frienemy” when it comes to achieving our goals. Failure to handle extreme stress can drain us. But, you also need an ample amount of stress to keep us going every day.

Here are some strategies that you can use to manage everyday stress and achieve your goals:


Every day, set aside a few minutes of “unplug” time. It is like when you unplug a machine so it does not overheat the same goes with our brain and body. We need to set aside some alone time. Erase all your worries, fear, and stress. Let go of your emotions. And then meditate. Focus on what you want to achieve or a place where you want to go.

Then after a few minutes, reflect on what happened throughout your day. Was it bad? How can you fix it? Was it good? How can you make it even better?

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A “trusted friend” is not just an ordinary friend. And as much as possible avoid people on workplace when you want to let off some steam. This can be your spouse, partner, a colleague outside your work, or even your parent. Choose someone who is a good listener and gives you positive advice.

If a person always responds negatively to your concerns, then she or he is not a trusted friend. Choose someone who will guide you and not mislead you.


Do you feel like a constant loser in your work environment? Then you should help yourself find some sense of achievement. Choose an activity where you don’t have to feel stressed or compare yourself with others. Try reading a good novel, or a book about motivation and positivity. You can also try out drawing, painting, listening to music, or playing an instrument. You don’t have to be good.

You just have to enjoy the sense of achieving something.


Engage in a healthy diet and exercise. Fighting stress is going back to basics. Protect your mind and body. You have to be healthy to achieve emotional and psychological wellness as well. Choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Curb your cravings for salty and sugary foods by replacing them with vegetables and fruits. Also, set aside some time for exercise.

This will help clear out your mind and condition your body for the days ahead.


Sure we go through a lot of stress to achieve our daily task. But the sad truth is, we don’t always get that “pat on the back” that we thought we deserve. So who will do this if not you? Pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself: you have done well for this day.

If there have been some failures, you will face it another day. Set aside some time to reward yourself. You don’t have to save it all up for the future. Taste and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Remember, there are some stressors which you can avoid. But most of it is a part of our daily lives. We cannot control the situation but we can control the way we respond to the situation.