5 Tips to Make Walking a Powerful Workout

powerful workout

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Walking is a great physical workout for all ages. Also, you can adjust its intensity to fit your needs. It can be a leisure walking or a challenging physical workout. Do you want to make the most out of walking? Here are some tips that you can try:


The correct ways to walk is to step on your heel first, foot flat, foot off, and push with your toes. Take note of the sound that your feet make when you are walking. According to Lorena Santiago, licensed physical therapist and fitness coach, people who tread hard are not using their muscles correctly. When you walk noisily, the impact is on your knees.

So to make you walking harder and more beneficial, make sure that you cut the impact of your feet on the floor when you are walking. Walk as if you are trying to wipe a piece of gum off your sole. This way your calf and hamstring muscles are getting the impact. You can also squeeze your glute muscles while walking to strengthen it.


Stand tall when you are walking. Keep your ears and shoulders above your hips. This will help to engage your core. Hold your head up, keep your back straight, and tuck your tummy. Also, try to focus your eyes on the horizon. When your head is raised, your chest opens and it will help you to take deeper breaths. Also, take shorter strides to avoid the impact on your knees.



Make your arms swing in a wide range of motion. Your hands should reach mid breast bone height on the upswing and brush past your hips on the downswing. You can also try variations such as forward and backward punching motions.


Another way to make walking more challenging is to carry weight. Hold a 3-pound dumbbell while moving your arms up and down. You can also wear ankle weights while taking a walk. This will make you sweat more and adds to the intensity of your workout.


Make more hip movements while walking. You can also add variations. You can try increasing the speed or brisk walking. Or you can do walking on the inclined plane to increase the intensity. You can also raise your knees higher just like doing a march.

Walking has many benefits including physical and mental well-being. Make the most out of your walking activity by trying the above tips.