5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity to Enjoy Long Life

boost your immunity

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Our immunity plays a vital role in our health and wellness. Do you notice how one easily get sick while other people don’t seem to get sick? Here are some things to help boost your immunity and enjoy life:


One way to boost your immune system is to improve your diet. You’ll need a balance and variety of foods every day. This is not only about the amount of food that you eat but the type of food that you are eating. By eating healthy, you can get all the vitamins, and minerals that you need, thus giving you a chance for a long life.


Aside from the amount and type of food, you also need to consider the time when you are eating. You can do intermittent fasting by eating at specific intervals such as every 6 or eight hours. Researchers found out that intermittent starvation fine tune your immune cells. When you fast, your body is in survival mode and it recycles damaged and dead immune cells for energy.

The next time you eat, your body will make new and efficient immune cells. Intermittent starvation leads to lower blood pressure and the risk for inflammation which can contribute to a longer life.

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It has been clear that an overload of pollution hinders the function of our immune system. So we have to pay attention to reducing the chemical toxins in our home and in our body as well. Our body has a natural way of detoxification, but it needs help.

You need to lots of vitamin C, B3, co-enzymes, glutathione and other enzymes to aid your body. And by getting rid of these toxins, you can achieve a longer and more enjoyable life.


When it comes to working out, you have endless choices. You can try a gentle form of exercises such as beginner’s yoga, tai-chi, walking, and leisure swimming. Or you can also try intense exercises such as sprint running, walkathon, and high-intensity workouts. Physical activities boost immunity by getting rid of toxins through sweating and facilitating good circulation.


Get rid of smoking and too much alcohol to boost your immunity. The smoke kills the cilia lining your nasal passage which is one of our primary forms of defense. The nicotine in alcohol messes up with your immune system. It interferes communication between your immune cells. It also lowers T-cells count. It also weakens macrophage response which is the primary defense of our lungs. When you quit smoking, you will reap all the benefits that your immune system has to offer.

It is said that health is wealth. Taking care of our immune system is the key to a longer and more enjoyable life.