5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper


Cayenne pepper is not just an ordinary seasoning to your food. Turns out, this red spice also adds a helpful flavor to your health. Here are some of the surprising health benefits of this red pepper.

1. Weight loss ingredient

Apparently, Cayenne pepper acts like Chia seeds too! Half a teaspoon of the red spice added on the cooked meal suppresses appetite especially on salty, sweet or fatty foods. Not only that, it also burns calories and relieves atonic dyspepsia, thus, improving digestion as well.

2. Promotes better bloodstream

A study from American Journal Clinical Nutrition found that diabetic people who eat meals with Cayenne pepper, required less insulin to reduce blood sugar. Cayenne boosts blood flow which helps to lower blood pressure or adjusts blood pressure to normal levels.

3. Kills cancer cells

According to a research conducted by Dr. Soren Lehmann of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of California Los Angeles – School of Medicine, “Capsaicin had a profound anti-proliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells in culture. Research found out that Cayenne pepper or Capsicum/ Capsaicin can kill cancer cells in the prostate, pancreas and lungs.

4. Relieves sore throat and clogged nose

Gargle together with a teaspoon of honey, lukewarm water, and Cayenne pepper to soothe sore throat or tonsillitis. Have stuffy nose? Unclog it with a sprinkle of Cayenne pepper on your meal. Capsaicin is a decongestant that it stimulates the release of mucus and opens your airways.

5. Relieves muscle pains

Use a plaster with cayenne pepper and honey for joint pains, rheumatic pains, swellings, gout and others. Its active ingredient is same as over-the-counter treatments for arthritis and muscle pains.

For people with busy lifestyle, you can still take Cayenne Pepper. One of the products that’s out in the market already is Capsinesis that’s made from raw cayenne pepper. Now you can enjoy all these health benefits within your fingertips.

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