5 Sure Signs that You’re on a Dead-end Relationship


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Being in a relationship is like riding on a boat. It is not always smooth sailing. There are times of heavy winds and storms. But how would you know if you have to get out of the boat? Here are some sure signs that you are on a dead-end road with your partner:

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You are feeling any of the following whenever you are with your partner: disrespected, frustrated, hurt, ashamed, and guilty.

We are just humans and we are not perfect. We can do or say a thing that can hurt out partner. So if your partner makes mistakes but shows guilt afterwards, that might not be a sign of ending the relationship. But if you are feeling the ones mentioned above every time that you are together, you may have to think twice about spending your lifetime with that person.

You are just trying hard to trust your partner.

Aside from the initial physical reaction and “butterflies in the tummy” whenever you are with your partner, trust should be one of the cornerstones of any relationship. Without trust: your relationship will not grow, you will be shut away from other important persons in your life, and you and your partner would just do crazy things and come up with crazy decisions that will only hurt one another.

You are uncomfortable being with your partner’s family and friends and vice versa.

If you are planning to be with your partner for the rest of your lives, you shouldn’t only work with the relationship between you but also with your partner’s family and your family as well. Maybe it’s uncomfortable for the first time but you have to learn to get along with each other’s relatives. If conflicts are not resolved things can get complicated once you two get married so again, if you can’t get along with his family and he’s not doing anything about it, think twice.

You don’t go along very well when it comes to handling finances.

This one is very tough because while on your boyfriend-girlfriend stage you might not be comfortable talking about this topic. You might say that money is not important because you love each other, well the truth is having money or the lack of it will magnify what you are feeling towards your partner. How you both handle your finances is one of the factors that will define how your relationship will be in the future.

You take a breather every time that your partner is not around.

One of the reasons why you entered a relationship is that your partner fulfills what was lacking from your life and that you feel secure and safe whenever you are with each other. But if a time comes that you feel relieved rather than miss your partner when he or she is away then you has to evaluate your relationship carefully.

Deciding to continue or to end this kind of relationship is hard. In the end, this will be a tough decision that you have to make for yourself and the persons who truly cares about you.