5 Stress-Busting Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

Healthy Mind

The modern life of people in today’s world is often busy and chaotic. These two components also guarantee there will be a third one: stress. As we all know, stress is the leading cause of inconsistent weight, depression, anxiety, and all sorts of other physical and mental issues. That’s why it’s important to combat it. Thankfully, there are some ways which will help you do that easily. Reducing stress doesn’t have to be hard, and mainly requires a shift of focus. More precisely, you need to put yourself and your well-being first, instead of the numerous tasks daily life throws at you.

1. Wake up earlier

One of the best ways to combat stress is to have some time to yourself. Since your schedule is probably very busy, it’s going to be hard to fit in some alone time during the day. That’s why you should consider waking up earlier than you’re supposed to.

This way, you’ll be able to drink that first morning coffee in peace, reflect on yourself, plan out your day, or even catch up on some reading or your favourite show. What’s more, nothing stops you from just lying in bed until it’s time to get up. The important thing is that you use this time to treat yourself and take a breather.

2. Take a bath

Thanks to the busy lifestyle every individual today has, showers have replaced baths. Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a shame because we forget how rejuvenating a bath can be. Nothing relaxes and de-stresses you more than dipping your toes into a warm bath after a long day.

You can go all out, too. Add some flowers, set the mood with some music and light a few candles. After that, you’ll notice how much both your mind and body are relaxed. Bathing will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth and will set your mind at ease, especially after a long day. On top of that, it might help with the tension you’re inevitably holding in your muscles.

3. Exercise

Working out is also a great way to ease up on stress. It gets your body moving, releases the negative energy, and let’s go of the tension. It also has a great effect on your mind because it releases happy hormones.

Since it’s probably hard to fit in a visit to the gym to your schedule, you can try something new. Cycling is a great physical activity for several reasons. It’s time manageable, eco-friendly, healthy, and can be done in pairs or groups. If you get an electric bike, you’ll be able to exercise at any convenience and enjoy all the aforementioned benefits. No more driving to work and wasting money on gas, no more excuses that you’re too busy to exercise, and, most importantly, no more stress.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most ancient ways of dealing with stress. If done correctly, it can completely reset your mind and help you combat stress on a daily basis and preserve your mental health. Of course, to reach the ultimate state of Zen, you’ll need to practice for a while.

A lot of people think that meditation takes up a lot of time, but in reality, you only need a few minutes a day. That’s because first, you need to learn how to relax and count your breathing. Only then can you move on to the more complicated techniques. Baby steps are necessary but don’t worry, meditation will be equally beneficial in all the stages of learning.

5. Take a nap

Even though this piece of advice seems next to impossible to implement in your life, it’s absolutely necessary. No matter how busy you might get, always try to find time for a nap. It can even be a short nap that lasts around half an hour.

The house won’t burn down, your boss and family won’t miss you for that long, and you’ll wake up fresh and less stressed. A nap in the middle of the day is just the energy and mood boost you need. It’ll help you achieve your goals and make you more productive. What’s more, it’ll help your body and mind heal from all the stress.


As you can see, you don’t have to be a slave to stress. You’re a perfectly capable individual who can achieve anything you set your mind to. That involves reducing stress and achieving your goals. Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t hate yourself for not making fast progress. In the long run, you’ll be where you aim to be, but it’s a steady road. You need to take tentative and self-caring steps, for that’s the only way to greatness. Getting rid of stress is your first obstacle, and we’re confident you’ll do just fine with these handy tips.