5 Signs that You have a Healthy Intimate Relationship

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Vigorbuddy.com

You may think that an ideal relationship is this: no arguments, fights, and worries. But, a smooth-sailing relationship doesn’t guarantee a healthy intimate relationship.

Here are some sure signs that you are leading to a healthy and nurturing relationship with your partner:



A healthy relationship is not measured by how identical your likes and dislikes are. Each of you is a different individual. You have different dreams and different aspirations.

The real measure of a healthy relationship is how you maintain respect for each other. It is how you work out each other’s differences. And long with respect, it is how you stand with each other to achieve your dreams.


Along with respect comes trust. A healthy relationship is a trusting relationship. Why spend your life in a miserable and deceitful relationship? Of course, there must be a bit of “competition”. When boys look at her or girls look at him. A bit of subtle jealousy and competition is what keeps the “spark”.


Physical abuse? Verbal abuse? It is a big NO in a healthy relationship. There’s even a thing called sexual abuse. Even when you are in an intimate relationship you are not obliged to have sex if you don’t want to. In a healthy relationship, your partner must support each other.

You have to treat each other with respect. Respond to problems by offering solutions and not with hateful words or with physical abuse.


A healthy relationship gets stronger with healthy communication on a regular basis. Each partner should exert an effort to have communication after a stressful day. One sign of a healthy relationship is if you can comfortably confide in your partner no matter how serious the subject is.

Healthy communication doesn’t only involve serious topics. If you look forward to talking and laughing with your partner, then you have a healthy relationship.

A healthy relationship doesn’t mean that you have to depend on your partner all the time. It also doesn’t mean that you have to spoon feed your partner all the time. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must have the same set of friends. A healthy relationship is composed of healthy individuals who can do things for themselves.

A healthy individual should also have a different set of friends, interests, and opinions outside the relationship.

Those are some of the signs that you are in a healthy relationship. If you don’t see these signs in your present relationship, it’s time to step back and think, should I be in this kind of relationship?