5 Romantic Fitness Date Ideas


Nadj Villaver | Vigorbuddy.com

Aside from eating at your favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner this coming, you can encourage your partner to be your fitness buddy and try these fun, fit ideas that will boost your mood and your bond:


maxresdefault“Partner yoga is the medium for building stronger communication and intimacy between human beings in any relationship,” explains Cain Carroll, co-author of Partner Yoga: Making Contact for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Growth, in an article published in Psychology Today. Practicing yoga with your partner enables the couples to set aside their differences while working together towards a common goal – reconnecting with each not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Yoga also improves communication between couples because they need to be attentive to each other’s bodies. At end of the session, couples will not only feel stronger and but most especially more connected as a couple, deepening your relationship.

Calories burnt:  A 60kg person can use 200 calories in just a 30-minute yoga session.

Dance Class

0003336442KK-565x849 Whether it’s the man or woman who admits to have a left feet, dance lessons are a great way to set not just your muscles but also your chemistry on fire. Tony Dovolani of “Dancing with the Stars” sees many couples reconnecting through ballroom dancing. Dovolani cites communications skills, respect, stress relief through physical activity and positive feelings about the shared experience as further relationship benefits of dance lessons.

Calories burnt: An hour long session of Zumba can burn anywhere from 325 to 725 calories.


Gym Workout

0010836674Q-849x565Working out in the gym together will give you an added boost that is so necessary to help you stick to your routine plus you get a bonus – you now have someone to spot you. “When a couple works out together, the actual exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact,” marriage and relationship psychotherapist Dr. Jane Greer as cited in YouBeauty.com.

Calories burnt: A vigorous 30-minute biking session will burn 390 calories for a person weighing 70kg. And weight lifting will add a further 220 calories.


Running /  Walking
tumblr_ml6ql9nDkS1s5rfqqo1_500Running or walking together is a great way to open up communication. You can talk about your day, talk about what’s on your mind and talk about your dreams. It could be a great way to unwind after a busy day, to have some quality time alone with each other and still maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Calories burnt: Walking at a medium pace for an hour will help you burn close to 270 calories.



stock-photo-22310033-beautiful-cheerful-couple-bowlingBowling is one of the most popular hobbies for couples. It provides couples with a relaxing, yet somewhat competitive game on any day of the week. This activity also encourages friendly competition between the couple. In fact, it’s even better if both of you aren’t very good ‘coz you can both laugh at how awful you are; or if one of you is better than the other, you can turn it into a teaching moment.

Calories burnt: You can burn 105-285 calories in 30 minutes of bowling