5 Reasons Why Walking is Good for You at Any Age


Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr. Ed.D. | VigorBuddy

One of the most common, practical, enjoyable and healthy activities anyone can enjoy at any age is walking. This can be done either by an individual or group in the form of exercise or fitness program.

Here are some of the benefits why you should allot at least a few minutes daily to walk:

Walking can be done almost everywhere, anytime. You can walk in open spaces like parks, mountains, forests, beach, waterfronts, huge ground of school zones, wide streets in the villages/subdivisions, etc.

Like running and jogging, it has the essential, tension-releasing pattern of continuous, vigorous rhythmic motion. It does not strain joints and it strengthens leg muscles. It helps reduce muscle tension and get rid of physical, psychological and emotional stress. Thus, it refreshes your energy for the day.

It burns up calories, like speed walking, it burns up 620 to 870 calories an hour. For instance, as an exercise, it puts every muscle to work in an aerobic, circular and respiratory way.

Walking with longest possible distance helps in particular to condition the hips and buttocks. For example, in an interval walking where it involves walking briskly for 30 seconds then followed slowly by another 30 more seconds until you feel reasonably tired. Then you can take a rest with a relaxing breathing exercise. The exaggerated hip movement help firm up buttocks, thighs and hips.

Finally, walking is fun and a learn-able art. Charles Dickens said: “Walk and be happy, walk and be healthy. The best of all ways to lengthen our days is to walk, steadily and with a purpose.” As you take a walk, you will meet new circle of people in life and build healthy friendship anew. And, likewise, it will be a vehicle to bring you into a new horizon of valuable ideas that would enrich your social, cultural and religious life as well as entrepreneurial career.


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