5 Positive Life Changing Choices to Give You a More Joyful 2017

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By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

What gives you the joy in life? Is it having more money? Is it living a luxurious life? Is it buying all the things that you want?

The real joy is often found in simple things around us. Find your real source of joy by making this positive life changing choices:



Having more money or luxury will not give you joy. Instead, it will just magnify your disposition in life. Also, learn to be happy with simple things.

Don’t make life complicated and miserable. Learn how to enjoy simple things in life. This way, having money or luxury will also magnify the happiness and contentment that you feel.


How many times have you put off your passion because of work? How many times have you hesitated to pursue your passion because of responsibilities? This year make a firm positive life changing the choice of pursuing your passion.

Keep your daytime job but find some time to write, paints, dance, paint, or cook. Also, you can use your passion as a stress buster after a busy day.


Is there someone you would want to spend your time with? Or someone you want to pursue or is pursuing you? If you are ready for a life of commitment and intimacy then go for it. But keep in mind that love and relationship is a choice and requires constant effort.


If you are in a stressful and wearisome relationship, make a positive life changing the choice of releasing it. If the relationship constantly causes grief and depression, then maybe it’s time to let go and break free.


Technology is a part of our life. It is inevitable, but don’t let technology rule your life. As a part of your positive life changing choice this year, try to have a little break from technology. Make your dinner table a mobile free zone. Make dinner time a time for talking with each other.

Go out, take a walk or start a workout plan rather than playing digital games. In addition, you can chat with old friends. Real life and a real relationship will give you joy and fulfillment.

Here are just some of the positive life changing choices that you have to try this year. Remember, happiness is not defined by what happens around you. Happiness is a choice; it is defined by your disposition no matter what life throws at you.