5 Hollywood Stars Who Rocked The Bullet Bra


Rebecca Siggers, Vigorbuddy.com |  A fashion accessory of the 1940 and 1950 which can’t be forgotten even today is the bullet bra. Till date we remember how big of a rage it was. The conical shape of the intimate wear was bold and sexy. It enhanced the bust and gave it a sensual touch.

The women looked fabulous and the bullet bra oozed confidence. The Torpedo bra or the Cone bra as it was also called, was a big hit during its peak time. The bullet bra was especially made popular by the ‘Sweater Girls’.

It once again came in the limelight back in 1990 when Jean Paul Gaultier designed a glamorous piece for Madonna for her Blond Ambition Tour. Her outfit cannot be forgotten.

A big milestone in the history of fashion, it was destined to make a comeback in the coming years. A lingerie company, What Katie Did, made vintage hosiery and underthings. In 1999, they introduced bullet bra into modern production. This was a major move in bringing back the iconic style. Other companies followed suit and have been coming up with a customised version of the bra.

5 Hollywood Stars who looked glamorous in the bullet bra were:

  • Marilyn Monroe

The fashion diva and the glam queen, Marilyn Monroe rocked the bullet bra like nobody else. She was known for her voluptuous curves and confidence. She never hid her curves under unflattering clothes. You could always see her in well- tailored and structured outfits.

She wore her bullet bras under cashmere sweaters and dresses which accentuated her hourglass figure. She was also known for wearing girdles for a smaller waist. She looked amazing with her trademark red lipstick and mole.

  1. 2. Jayne Mansfield

Jayne was a big sex symbol. She was known for wearing sexy dresses and planned wardrobe malfunctions. Jayne flaunted low- cut tops and shirts and was also known as the ‘Cleavage Queen’ with her bust looking accentuated in her bullet bra.

She is still fondly remembered for her fashionable clothes and always looked flattering. Jayne was the perfect beauty with brains with an IQ of 163 and ability to speak five languages.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor

She had a perfect hourglass figure- small waist, full bust and rounded hips. Elizabeth Taylor was a silver screen celebrity. She is still remembered as a fashion icon as she looked uncomparable in turtlenecks over the bullet bra. She was and is still known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. A delight to watch on the screen, Elizabeth had a perfect smile and always looked elegant.

  1. Carole Landis

The Fashion Academy of New York awarded Carole with the best dressed screen star in the year 1942. She had a small waist and the bullet bra accentuated her bust. She had a trademark hairdo and was a true glam queen. She rocked the high waisted mini and bralette and turned it into a fashion look which is still worn today.

She mostly starred in B movies and led a rather sad life. She didn’t get the stardom she deserved but is still fondly remembered as a beautiful face and envy- worthy body.

  1. Lizabeth Scott

A movie, television and stage actress, Lizabeth Scott was bold and looked fabulous rocking the bullet bra. She had an adventurous career and her personal life was always in the limelight.

Lizabeth was an American actress and was known for her smoky voice and was one of the most beautiful faces.

The conical bra shape looked good on every body type. It accentuated the features of the women and made their figure look envious.

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