5 Health Benefits of Sunshine

5 Health Benefits of Sunshine

5 Health Benefits of Sunshine | While we can all admire the beauty of a sunrise and sunset, did you know that spending time soaking up the sun can actually improve your health?

The importance of sunlight to humans is immense. From nutrients to producing endorphins, the sun has plenty of benefits to help you feel better and boost your well-being.

If you’re not sure what the health benefits of sunshine are, be sure to keep reading before you get outside and feel the sun on your skin.

5 Health Benefits of Sunshine

  1. Vitamin D

One of the main benefits of soaking up the sun is the Vitamin D your body produces when exposed to sunlight.

This nutrient has so many benefits! From increased bone health to promoting brain and lung function, Vitamin D plays an important part in your overall health.

While the amount of sunlight per day for Vitamin D to be produced ranges based on skin color, many agree that 20 minutes of sunshine per day is the ideal duration.

  1. Improved Mental Health

What’s the one reason many people dread the wintertime? The very short days and long nights! Many people experience seasonal affective disorder during this period due to the lack of sunshine.

When sunshine hits our skin, our bodies release endorphins or happy hormones. This can improve your mood, making you feel better, and improving your overall mental health.

  1. Better Sleep Quality

When you spend a lot of time in the sun, you can naturally improve your body’s circadian rhythm, improving the quality of your sleep.

After waking up, try to schedule daily morning sunlight time! Sunlight immediately after waking up can help your body adjust to your natural rhythm, meaning you’ll sleep better at night!

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you likely have a lower blood pressure than most people.

The sunlight can help open your blood cells, once the sunlight reacts with the natural chemicals in your body. This, in turn, can help lower your blood pressure, helping to improve your overall cardiac health.

  1. Good for Your Skin

It’s no secret that UV rays can be extremely dangerous. From melanoma to sunburns so severe they leave you sick, spending too much time in the sun without precaution can be harmful.

However, when the proper precautions are taken, sunlight can help reduce symptoms of acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Embrace the Benefits of Sunshine

Even in the cold seasons, you should make every effort to spend time under the sun’s rays. Just a few minutes a day can make a huge impact on your overall health!

Whether you get some fresh air outside on your lunch break or make an effort to talk a 20-minute walk every day, getting outside under the sun is extremely important.

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