5 Common Causes that Induce Back Pain

back pain

Back pains come in a variety of disguises – right from slight discomfort in that area and dull burning sensations to incapacitating and excruciating muscle spasms. All result in one thing – give utmost discomfort to us. As per the Global Burden of Disease Study by the World Head Organization (WHO), back pain is one of the top ten diseases and injuries that account for inactivity and loss of productivity in people. It is estimated that about 70 – 80% of adults suffer from chronic lower back pain. It is more prevalent in the adults aged between 35 years and 55 years.

It is evident that most of us go through one kind of back pain or the other at least once in our lifetime. To effectively handle it, it is essential to understand why it occurs and how it is treated. So, here we go with 5 common causes that induce back pain and tips to avoid them.

Causes of Back Pain

#1 Trauma

The cause which tops our list is an acute trauma. It is possible that you got hurt while playing your favourite sport and the pain lingers on. It is also possible that you got a muscle spasm while stretching after a long time without practice. It may also be because you lift something very heavy and there is a slight injury. Such injuries usually involve sudden movements which lead to pain associated with damaged joints, torn or strained ligaments and muscles, and damaged nerves.

Tip to Avoid: In order to avoid any chronic effects from the trauma, it is best to have a diagnosis test even if you don’t feel any changes or pain. Sometimes, trauma is usually deeply inflicted without surface symptoms. Massage with a few essential oils may help relieve pain.

#2 Poor Postures

Sitting and/or standing in the right postures is very important when it comes to maintaining the health of the spine. For example, sitting hunched in front of a computer for over eight hours a day causes bodily adaptations which are injurious to the spinal health. There is very less work needed to be done by the core to keep the spine erect and the hip flexors and the muscles and ligaments in the front part of the body become shorter and weakened. This kind of unhealthy adaptations can cause stressors to the spine, leading to early wear and tear.

Even appropriate posture during sleeping is important. For example, if you sleep on your stomach, there will be more stress on your spine, which may cause back pain. So, the best posture while sleeping is to sleep turning to sides or sleep straight facing the roof. This gives the spine some support while sleeping without causing it to hunch.

Tip to Avoid: Try to be mindful of the posture frequently and make sure you correct it when you find it inappropriate. The best posture is when your back, shoulders and head are straight.

#3 High Heeled Slippers

Fashion also causes back pain when people use high heeled footwear for a very long time. High heeled footwear cause balance problems which the body tends to get adjusted to. This tenses the hip, calf and back muscles leading to spasms, sprains, fatigue and strain to the muscles.

These high heels interfere with the way you walk – the pressure you put on your heels, the tension that is naturally caused to your calf, hips and back, your body balance, etc. Thus, your entire mechanism of walking is forced to change once you put on those high heels.

Tips to Avoid: While it is fine to wear high heeled slippers once a while, try to avoid them as much as possible. At least, avoid those which have heels higher than 3 inches. Try out flat slippers or lower heels which do not interfere with your walking.

#4 Being Sedentary

If you sit for longer hours during work, you have higher chances of getting a back pain. Sitting for long duration weakens your core and the muscles that help keep up the health of the spine, through managing the posture. This can lead to a number of lifetime problems like arthritis, inflexible joints, weak muscles which weakens the spine protection. This is not the cause of back pain alone, but also a number of other joint problems also.

Tips to Avoid: Avoid sitting for long hours. Take short breaks in between and walk around. Stretch yourself and continue the work. While working for long hours, make sure you sit in the right posture with your back straight. Also, make regular exercise a part of your routine to keep your bones and muscles in perfect health. Don’t forget to keep your weight correct to the recommended Body-Mass Index.

#5 Improper Exercise

It may be doing yoga in the wrong posture or lifting weights over your shoulders with your back hunched, while exercise is perfectly good for the health, exercising in the wrong way may cause complications that may trigger various musculoskeletal problems like back pains.

Tips to avoid: It is highly advisable to have the supervision of a trainer if you are a beginner to exercising. You can also start doing specific exercises for lower back pain.

Few Home Treatments to Ease the Back Pain

While it is not very feasible to treat back pain to the roots at home, there are a few things that can be done to ease the pain for a while. Some of them are:

  1. Painkillers
  2. Hot and Cold Compress

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