5 Brilliant Reasons to Sneak a Quiet Retreat after the Holidays

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Holidays are time for vacations and family reunions. But this time, try to do something different. Quit exposing yourself to loud noises and stressful situations. Here are some great reasons to sneak on a quiet retreat:



In our daily endeavors, who doesn’t experience having so little time for everything? And yet, we don’t seem to finish anything.

When you sneak for a quiet retreat, you will realize one thing. Most of your time is spent on browsing social media sites instead of focusing on important things.

You can be detoxified of all the digital things around you. Let go of your laptop, tablets, mobile phones and focus on yourself and the things that you should prioritize.

You will be able to “BREAK FREE”.

We may not notice it but all of us are prisoners of our own daily routines.  Some people are becoming  prisoners from 8 am to 5 pm where you are forced to do your job or go to school. You are a prisoner of digital technologies.

Having a quiet retreat will help you realize that you always have a choice. Also, you can break free from your rigid routine. You can do something to prevent burn out.

Always choose to do things that you can enjoy and still fulfill your responsibilities.

You will enjoy nature’s healing.

Retreat centers are always located in places close to nature. It could be on a mountain top, hillside, or even a farm. Being close to nature can provide psychological and even physical healing. You are away from noise, pollution, and distraction.

Studies show that this experience reduces the cortisol production of our body. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone.

You can have professional help.

There are situations in our life when a simple rest is not enough. When we experience burnout and depression, we need more than rest. You have to accept the fact that you need professional help.

Some retreats include exercises and training. And it also includes counseling sessions by experts. In addition, this can help you see what causes your negative feelings and emotions and how to deal with them properly.

You can gain long-term benefits from retreats.

A quiet retreat offers a full package of physical, emotional, and psychological healing. And when you can realize your problems, you can come up with solutions. You can refocus. You can realize things that will help you achieve your goal. More often, you will not realize these things if you don’t go on a retreat.

So what are you waiting for? Go tell a friend or your husband and try to experience these benefits of a quiet retreat.