5 Benefits of Green Tea

green tea

Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy.com

Over the hype of matcha drinks and desserts, most people don’t know one thing about matcha and green tea: they’re basically the same. It’s just that matcha is served as powder or as a frothy beverage, unlike green tea which is simmered in hot water. So if you love matcha, you’re getting all the good benefits of green tea. And these are:

1. It has antioxidants which fights off cancer.

Most studies show that green tea drinkers are less likely to have cancer. It has antioxidants and polyphenols which helps kill cancerous cells without damaging the healthy tissues around them.

2. It is good for your dental health.

If you take green tea, it will not be only your stress-reliever but also your dental health care provider, because it will aid you in preventing gum disease (as it contains fluoride), especially to those who drink tea everyday.

3. It prevents the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Green tea has antioxidants and catechins which protects cholesterol particles (LDL) from oxidation, which is one of the processes that leads to heart disease. You could get a healthy heart through this drink, because it could widen your arteries by 4%, which would help improve your blood flow around the body.

4. It helps protect and restore brain cells.

For the elderly, Alzheimer’s disease (progressive mental deterioration due to generalized degeneration of the brain) and Parkinson’s disease (death of dopamine-producing neurons) are common. When green tea is drank, it is said to help reduce the risk of both neurodegenerative diseases because of its effects on our neurons.

5. It is a tool for losing weight and prevention of obesity.

Most fat-burning supplements contain green tea mainly because it also helps boost metabolism when taken in. It is also known for helping lose visceral fat, the body fat inside the abdomen and around internal organs (liver, pancreas, intestines). Drastic changes may not be seen but slight loss in weight would surely be a good change especially if taken regularly.

This has become an alternative to some coffee drinkers already because it has more health benefits. If you have gotten a bite of a matcha cheesecake today or have sipped on your cup of green tea already, taking Capsinesis would help you get healthier, especially if you are aiming to lose a few pounds in a few weeks. Capsinesis is a weight loss supplement, contains green tea together with raw cayenne pepper and bignay, which all have powerful fat-burning abilities.