5 Activities for Your Morning Ritual

morning ritual

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Getting up in the morning is probably one of the hardest things to do especially if your bed is too comfy, the blankets are too soft, and the weather is inviting you to stay in bed. Yep, we all had those bed-weather mornings when staying in bed is more reasonable than going out of the world. But there are other people who can leap out of bed immediately and be productive. If are still the old you who would hate the early mornings, then 2017 is your chance to have great mornings. Your morning ritual for a great year can include these five things:

  • Getting up early. Don’t hit that snooze again. Starting your day early gives you more time to do your morning rituals. Aside from this, studies show that early risers are said to be better in planning, decision-making, and goal-setting. Productivity and mental health is also enhanced when one wakes up early.
  • Stretch.  Most of the people are working on their desks the whole day making morning stretches helpful to get those muscles warmed up. It can be done as soon as you wake up, or while you are still in bed. Not only does stretching helps blood flow, it also helps in maintaining good posture throughout the day. Stretch as far as you can every morning.
  • Drink water. The benefits of drinking water upon waking up have been proven by many researchers already. Start your day by hydrating your body and getting your metabolism working. Add lemon or lime to warm water to keep you body going. This will lubricate your internal organs as well.
  • Make your bed. Not just because you need to tidy things up but also because it is a good in increasing productivity. Charles Duhigg pointed out in one of his books that making the bed is one of the “keystone habit” that leads to other good habits being formed.
  • Look in your mirror. The simplest thing I do before starting my day is to compliment myself. Not only does it boosts my self-esteem but is also becomes my “me time” in the morning. Doing this every morning will allow you to encourage that part of you who loves hiding in the dark. This can also be the time you can check yourself in the mirror and appreciate the uniqueness and beauty you have. And smile… do not forget to smile.

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