4 Tips to Manage Your Time and Reduce Stress

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Vigorbuddy.com

Time is wealth. If you think about it, it has more value than money. Sure, you can buy anything with money. But the ability to use to control when, where and how you use your valuable time is priceless.

In today’s world, most people are running out of time. And when you are out of time, another problem springs out: stress. So how can you manage time and reduce stress?  Try out the following tips.



How long do you navigate aimlessly at social media sites? How long do you read unnecessary emails and papers throughout the day? You may not realize it, but meddling in these things has no positive outcome. One, it doesn’t get your work done, you don’t achieve anything.

Two, it is a waste of time that should have been spent on other important things. And three, it just causes you unnecessary stress. So what you can do is try to have a low information diet.

Don’t consume the information unless you needed it immediately. Spend your time on more valuable things like talking and bonding with your family.


Sure, a normal individual needs to socialize. But not in the form of nonsense chit chat. What good does it do when you talk about other’s people’s lives? It will do you no good and will just cause stress. So teach yourself a more sensible way to socialize.

It may be in a form of fitness class, a cycle group, a running group, a choir or a band. Join a group that supports your inner passion.


Here’s a short list of situations where you can say yes: any important event of your nearest family: wife, husband, and kids. Yes, you have a professional goal. But family goals come first. What about the rest?

You must say no and avoid stress. Your co-workers may not think the same way as you do so you have to train them to be efficient, too. Learn to say no in a nice manner. Add a white lie if needed. Say that you have a more important goal that will help in your motivation and productivity. Who can get hurt if you prioritize in being productive?


Aside from saying no to unnecessary workloads and favors, learn to do your work by batch. Answer emails on one schedule and not several times daily. This also applies even to household chores. Do not force yourself to multitask. Doing things by batch keeps you focused and helps you to be more efficient. Avoid stress by delegating routine and redundant workloads.

Those are some smart tips that you can try to manage your time. Remember the real wealth is not having so much money to spend. Wealth is having control of when, where, how and with whom you like to spend your time with.