4 Techniques to Improve Posture while Sleeping


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com | 4 Techniques to Improve Posture while Sleeping | Many people overlook the importance of maintaining a good posture. Unknown to many, good posture plays a vital role in our overall health.

Your position while sleeping has a great impact on your physical well-being too. It can also affect your mood and emotional health.

Below are the four techniques to improve your posture while sleeping:

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Sleep on your side or back

Some people find it comfortable to sleep on their stomach. However, it can result in back, neck, joints, and muscle strains. Sleeping on your side or your back allows your spine to reach neutral position resulting in a good posture.

But, if you really find it uncomfortable, you can place a pillow on your lower abdomen to align your spine even while you’re sleeping on your stomach.

Get a good mattress

If your mattress can’t provide adequate support; you might still damage your back. A firm and comfortable double bed mattress is necessary to support your spine when you are sleeping. So, even if you are maintaining a good posture, you can still strain your back if you have a saggy mattress.

Choose your pillow wisely

Your pillow plays a great role in giving you a good night sleep and in maintaining a good posture.

Make sure that your pillow is not too soft or too thick. Like choosing your mattress, you pillow must be able to support your muscle and joints while you sleep. Saggy or too thick pillows can prevent your head from aligning the spine into its neutral position.

Stretch and Relax Your Muscle before Sleeping

Stress can affect your body alignment. This is true especially if you don’t engage to exercises regularly. It is great if you will do some simple stretches and breathing relaxation before going to bed. It removes muscle tension and helps your spine get back to its neutral position.

A good posture make you look good and keep your body healthy. Make sleeping time a great work out to keep your overall health by looking after your posture.

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