4 Nature’s Agents for a Healthier Skin

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Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Feeling fresh and new is an everyday goal for everybody regardless of age. Keeping the largest body organ young and healthy is one way to achieve it. Nature has its own special agents to keep the youthful glow of your skin and giving you the confidence to step out feeling fresh and new every day. Here are four foods to keep your skin healthier:

  1. Papaya. Dubbed as the “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus, this tropical fruit is popular not just in Asia but all over the world as well, and for a very good reason. Studies shows that the fruit is rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C, A, E, minerals, magnesium, potassium, B vitamin pantothenic acid and folate and “papain”. Not only is Papaya proven to have powerful bleaching properties, it also is used for repairing, exfoliating and rehydrating the skin. With Papain present in the fruit, it has the power to reduce wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. Also, Papain is known for healing wounds and keeping bacteria away and preventing scars from getting bigger.

Oli Papaya

  1. Green Barley. From the grass family, barley is also a major cereal grain which does wonders to the skin. Rich in antioxidants, barley can help in decelerating the signs of aging. It is also rich in zinc which make healing processes quicker. But the best thing that barley can do for the skin is that it can maintain the elasticity of your skin making it tighter, more supple and well-toned giving you a younger appearance. Green barley is best known for acne treatment. Chinese herbalist recommends it to both men and women who have acne’s. Yet, women who suffers from premenstrual acne are the most likely to benefit from barely greens.Oli Green Barley
  1. Rice Bran Oil. This beauty secret is widely known in Asia, especially in Japan. Rice bran oil is not just for dressing up salads but is also rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Being rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, rice bran oil can deeply penetrate into skin’s layers, nourishing it from the inside out thus making your skin soft and velvety. Because it can boost regeneration process, rice bran oil can also help maintain that youthful glow.Oli Intense White
  1. Coconut Oil. Because of its amazing benefits for the body, coconut oil is widely regarded as one of the healthiest oils we can use. Not only is it known to be an edible oil or an excellent hair tonic, but it is also used for massages and smoothens the skin. It has skin nourishing properties that prevents premature aging and wrinkling. Coconut oils can be used as alternative for lip gels when cracking starts especially on cold weather. It also acts as a good skin softener, and a good for several skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.Oli Activated Charcoal

Being a nation obsessed with having a healthier and fairer skin, Filipinos go through stores and beauty shops to find that perfect skin care product for them. Oli Natural whitening beauty soaps uses papaya extracts, green barley, rice bran and coconut oil, and other natural ingredients that would not harm your skin but will give you more. It comes with five different variants that would give your skin that new and fresh glow. Through traditional cold processing, Oli Natural successfully combines natural ingredients to condition and enhance one’s natural beauty conveniently and economically. Each soap is specifically designed to give you your desired results.

To lighten skin while protecting it from pollution, try their Glutta Papaya soap. If you want to keep your skin nourish, their Green Barley is perfect for you. Their black Bamboo Wood Charcoal soap is clinically tested to give you a clearer and healthier skin while cleaning, exfoliating and removing harmful substances. For evening out of skin tone, their Intense White soap made with rice bran oil and other skin lightening agents. And their Komenuka keeps the skin’s elasticity and makes it appear more youthful.


Skin is an important body organ (no doubt about that!) Keeping it healthier and younger looking will make you look happier as well.

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