4 Low-maintenance Hairstyles for Busy Women

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Your hair can contribute to your overall look that is why a lot of girls spend time in salons to make sure they have the right haircut that will suit them. Yet, not all types of cut will be easy to maintain. Some would require you frequent trips to the salon, or long hours of preparation which can be a burden especially if you always have a busy schedule.

To comply with your schedule while still looking fab, having a low-maintenance hairstyle is the answer. We have listed four (4) ways on how to look like a diva within just minutes.

1. The One-Length Style. While a lot of girls think that the one-length style is boring and may look like the safest style you can have, they also miss the fact that it is the easiest cut to maintain. With this kind of style, you can go from chic to sophisticated. It can also add thickness to fine hair making your golden locks look healthy, according to hair experts.

2. Long, Layered Tresses. Opt for long, well-blended layers because it is easier to style. This type of hairstyles can add volume and texture to the hair while highlighting the features of your face and enhancing the overall looks. Another reason why you should try layered hairstyles is because it basically complements all shapes of faces.

Low-maintenance hairstyles

3. Highlights. The right highlights can make or break your look. Deciding which color is a big step, so seek for good advises from your trusted colorist. Choose highlights that are closer to your natural hair color so it can easily blend in with your locks. The right highlights can bring out your bone structure and make your hair shimmer.

4. Lob. Short hair can be easy to maintain, but we recommend you go for a lob. This haircut suits all types of hair. It is trendy, chic, versatile, and will demand attention. You can now cut that long hair to show that collar bone.

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