4 Home Remedies for Your Kids with Cough and Colds

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Vigorbuddy.com

Children and infants are more susceptible to airborne illnesses such as flu. This is true whether it’s flu season or not.  Nowadays, it may seem convenient for parents to just self-medicate their children.

But, do you know that excessive and inappropriate use of OTC’s can actually do harm than good? You can try these natural home remedies for your kids:




A cough and common colds are usually caused by a virus and are self-limiting. One way to help our child fight the infection is by strengthening their immune system. One simple home remedy is adequate rest. There is also evidence linking stress to illness.

Your child needs a break from the stress at school, and pressure from home or friends. A good quality rest doesn’t mean that the child has to sleep all the time.

You can provide them with quiet activities such as watching movies, puzzles, or coloring books.


Breastfeeding is recommended for infants 0 to 6 months old. It is a complete source of food, fluids, and antibiotics to fight infection.

For infants and children ages 6 months and up, you can offer water and fresh fruit juice as a home remedy.  Fluids prevent dehydration in case of fever accompanying cough and colds.

Adequate hydration also moistens nasal lining and thins out secretions. This will help your child to cough out and blow out mucus secretions.


Another gentle home remedy is offering your child warm liquids such as hot cocoa or soup. This is recommended for children and infants 6 months and up. It can sooth a throat irritated to a cough and thins nasal secretions.

Warm liquids also relieve muscle pain, fatigue and fever accompanying flu. For safety reasons, just make sure to serve these liquids warm and not hot.


Steam is n excellent home remedy for a cough and colds. Breathing in moist air can help loosen secretions and soothe irritation air passages. You can buy an air humidifier for this purpose. Or you can just put hot water in a basin, and let your child inhale the steam. Take extra care to avoid burns from splashing of hot water.

There are some of the remedies you can do at home when your child has a cough or colds. Remember, as a parent, you always have a choice. You don’t need expensive medications that can actually harm rather than help your child. Sometimes, it is better to do it old school style.

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