Lippie 101: 4 Everyday Lipstick Lessons to Know

Lipstick lessons

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Aside from diamonds, a trusted lipstick is every girls’ best friend. Why? Your lip color can either make or break your look. With so many colors and finishes, a good lipstick can really change your whole look. Some can actually make your lips look better but still the same. These are just few of the reason why lipsticks are essential and pretty awesome.

Besides the art of exfoliating and moisturizing, there are other things you should know about using your lippies. Fact, hacks and how-to’s about lippies are now readily available on the internet. This means that even if you are not a pro, you can always have that perfect everyday lips. To add up to those things you know, here are four lessons you might want to jot down.

  1. Nude shades to look fresh. Painting your lips with nude shades will give you two effects: 1) it would make you look sick, or 2) it would make you look fresh every second! Of course, we would want the latter result. To avoid looking sick while using nude lipstick shades, know the perfect color for your skin tone. Try putting on different nude shades and see which would look good on you. Nude lippies does not only give you a fresh look, it also puts together light make-up. 

Lipstick lessons

  1. Bold brows + bold shade = IS A MUST-TRY! People would say that too much of things is bad. But pairing a full brow with a bold shade of lipstick can actually be pulled together. Fill your brows with a shade lighter than your hair to soften your features a little. Also, make sure your brows are well-shaped and lips fully colored.
  2.  Glam up with dramatic colors. One way to glam up an outfit is by applying dramatic colors on your lips. You can totally rock your jeans, shirt and sneakers outfit by using dramatic colors. One tip if you’re doing bold, pull your hair up, keep those cheeks and eyes bare so the attention would go to your lips. Highlight one feature if you are to wear make-up (tip 101!) 

Lipstick lessons

  1. Pinky nude is travel buddy. Going north, south, east or west; may it be sunny or rainy; winter, spring, summer or fall, pinky nude is best for travelling. It goes effortlessly well with messy hair, flushed cheeks or bushy eyebrows. This color can be pulled off easily and is very convenient while travelling because it is low-maintenance.