4 Advantages of Using Vacuum Cleaner

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By Nadj Villaver | Vigorbuddy.com

While some people are still using the traditional cleaning method of sweeping, the vacuum cleaner is a good choice to clean your home. This product of technology was not invented for beautification purposes, but it rather plays a significant role in every one’s home.

If you’re still having doubts whether to use a vacuum cleaner, here are some of the reasons why you need to have one at home:

  • Makes cleaning easier and more effective

Vacuum cleaner makes it easier for you to pick up dirt of various kinds (and even liquids). It sucks up dirt and dust it into its own bag compared to sweeping back and up forth just to check if you’ve removed the dust already. Collecting dust and soil with a vacuum also makes mopping easier because there is less dirt to remove.rainbow philippines, rainbow vacuum cleaner, advantages of using vacuum cleaner

One of the innovations in cleaning technology is Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. It uses the world’s most advanced filtration system that maintains constant airflow. Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, Rainbow delivers the same powerful cleaning performance each and every time you use it with its 3-step filter process.

  • Saves time

If you have a two to three storey house or a number of bedrooms, sweeping using a broomstick would definitely take you hours before you finish your work. Using a vacuum cleaner reduces cleaning time. Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner uses the world’s first computer controlled switched reluctance “hurricane motor,” which has the ability to reach over 25,000 RPM’s in seconds.

  • Protects your health

Vacuum cleaners don’t just simple clean your house for beautification purposes. Vacuum cleaning improves indoor air quality. It protects you and your family’s health. Brooms often push the dirt around rather can remove it. And when these dozens of tiny microbes found on dust mites constantly float around, it will trigger allergies, bring diseases, and aggravate existing medical conditions of people with asthma or emphysema. Vacuum cleaners reduces these indoor allergens.

Rainbow is the only vacuum cleaner certified as an air purifier by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) making it a proven air cleaner and asthma & allergy friendly appliance.

  • Save money

Regular vacuuming can help you save money because carpets and rugs last longer when they are well-maintained. This way, you won’t need to replace carpets constantly.

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