3 Tips to Choose Your Next Running Shoes


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Looking for a perfect fit running shoes isn’t always easy. Running is best enjoyed when your feet still feel great after you run.

Here are the tips to choose your next running shoes:

Tip # 1 Don’t Rush to Buy

Make sure that you have plenty of time when shopping for running shoes. Don’t rush. When you run, your feet are receiving pressures that can cause stress fracture from ill-fitted shoes. Fit different styles and cuts before you decide to bring home one.

As a tip, it is best to shop for shoes in the evening. Scientifically, your feet swell in the morning and stop until around 4 PM. So, 5 PM onwards is the best time to buy.

Tip # 2 Forget the Design

Cute, funky, and cool shoes can make you decide to buy in an instant. Some runners were also too concerned with how cool they’ll look, only to find swollen foot and blisters after a run. Cool but ill fitted shoe can surely hurt. When buying shoes, you should always think of comfort over fashion. Some things to consider are:

Heel– Your heel should fit snug and can still move inside the shoes. Any irritation or discomfort when trying the shoes in the store will increase once you hit the road.

Width– the shoe should have space so your foot can move side to side and feel comfortable. If the shoe is too narrow for the size of your foot, you will feel a little burn or irritation on the outer side.

Length- The feet normally swell when running. This is due to the increase pumping activity of the heart and the pressure on the feet as you run. If the length of the shoe is just exact when you are at rest, it can damage your thumb. It is important that your shoes have an allowance for the socks and swelling.

Tip # 3 Ask for Deals or Discounts

It is not about the shoe; it is about the runner who pays for the shoe. So, next to comfort is the price. If you have a bigger budget; you can always purchase high-end shoes. But, if you are budget tight; you can ask for discounted shoes. When you’re ready to pay, ask for deals that they are offering for running club members. Most of the time, they give 5% to 10% discount.

Take these tips in mind when buying for your next shoes.