3 Foods That Help You Stay in Shape

What You Need to Know About Cellulite

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Everyone is obsessed when it comes to getting physically fit and healthy. People try different methods to be able to stay in shape and keep the body everyone dreamed of. Going to the gym is one way. Eating less is another. People also go to the market to look for the perfect dietary supplement that would help them achieve their body goals. But sadly, some just fail to attain their goals. If you still have weight issues and are struggling to get that body, here are three foods you may want to consider in your diet.

1. Cayenne Peppers. We all know that chillies are good fat burners because of its component Capsaicin which speeds up metabolism, thus resulting in faster burning of fats while making it harder for the body to put on fat. If Capsaicin is present in all chilli, why use Cayenne peppers? Aside from being one of the hottest peppers, it also promotes overall health and wellness.

Cayenne peppers can be found in Shichimi-Togarashi spice and Kimchi making it easier for you to add it to your diet. Adding Capsaicin in your diet not only helps in slimming out but also saves you a hundred or so in buying metabolism boosting vitamins.

cayenne pepper

2. Green Tea. History says that green tea is used for hydration since centuries ago. A green tea a day loads you with a massive range of antioxidants which will help in burning fats. RGCG, the main antioxidant in tea, helps breaking down norepinephrine. The nervous system uses this hormone to signal fat cells to break down fats. More norepinephrine means more fats break. Take a cup of Green Tea 30 minutes before breakfast to boost your immune system.

green tea

3. Bignay. This berry, mostly found in the Philippines, is much like cranberry or wild berry in other countries. Bignay is low in calories and fat while reducing your appetite. This local berry will surely help you shed a couple of pounds. For intake, you can put it in your salad or just eat it like grapes. Perfect!


Having these three metabolism booster in your entire diet can help you lose weight. And you can take it all at once. Do you think it is impossible? Think again!

We have found a dietary supplement that would let you take these three all at once. We give you Capsinesis, a dietary supplement that contains natural fat burners not just to boost your metabolism but also to keep you in shape.

Capsinesis (Capsicum annum) works in three ways: 1. Burn the bulges, 2. Crush the cravings, and 3. Fire up figure. You will feel that burning sensation from the insides while reducing heart diseases. Studies show that fat around the belly was burned most rapidly.

Aside from getting rid of unwanted fats, it also aids in digestion, improves the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, and reduces blood cholesterol. Capsinesis also reduces platelet aggregation. It also destroys bacteria and strengthens the immune system which results to speeding up of healing process.

Yet, taking up Capsinesis with proper exercise and right diet can make it more effective. For capsule intake, take one every 30 minutes before major meals, and see and feel your body get that shape!

Capsinesis’s bottle of 100 capsules (Php 900) can be bought in Watsons and South Star Drug while the bottle of 30 capsules (Php 350) is available in all Mercury Drug Stores. For more information, you may call the Capsinesis Hotline 099-899-CAPSI (22774) or check out their Facebook Page for updates.