10 Ways Your Guy Says I Love You

i love you

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Is your guy not that expressive? Does he seldom say the three words you longed for – I love you? Well, this is how the millennial world works now ladies. Nowadays, saying I love you can be too mushy for every millennials. That is why we express our love indirectly. Maybe your guy has express his love for you a million times but you just don’t get it. Maybe he said it in a different way. Do not fret. Here are some of the things your guy would say that is equivalent to those three words.

1. “I’m coming with food and movies because I know you had a stressful week.”

Every girl would like someone to pamper them with food and good movies specially after a long week. This just means that your guy cares so much for your inner wellness and does not want you to get all stressed out while he does nothing. Effort is still the best.

2. “I know a newly opened cafe where we can grab coffee and read a book.”

Spending time with you while doing the things you love is probably one of the most beautiful moments they had (even if they don’t admit it often). Sharing these small things, such as drinking coffee beside you or reading your favorite book, is one of the reasons they stayed. They probably would never know it but they will constantly ask what on earth did they do right to deserve moments like these with you.

3. “I’ve been asking the sales lady what is the best eyebrow set. So, I got you these.”

Even if he still do not understand why kilay is life and a perfect brow is as good as oxygen, he will still try to understand the connection girls and eyebrows has. Besides, he has see you pamper and perfect those brows for hours. Helping you out is just a way to show he really cares.

4. “Where do you want to eat?”

Letting you choose where to go and what to eat also means that he cares for what you like. So ladies, eat up!

5. “Whether it’s sunny or raining, bring an umbrella please.”

Reminding you to always bring your umbrella is a simple act of showing you he still wants to protect even if he is not around or is far away. Distance will not stop him from securing you safe and sound.

6. “Let’s watch all the Nicholas Sparks’ movie you want.”

Even if it means a whole afternoon of mushy films and hours of non-action films, he will stay with you to watch them so he can see you cry over it, smile at random scenes, laugh with the characters, and hold your hand. That is the world to him.

7. “Smile.”

They say when a person’s mood affects you, that is the time you can say you love them. You are his happy pill. Seeing you happy makes him happy. Seeing you sad makes him sadder. That is why, seeing you smile makes a gloomy day more bearable.

8. “I’m here to listen.”

There are times you just want to rant and complain and tell random things about your life but you are scared you might get judged by it. Then this guy came and he when you talked, he listened. He did not tell you what to do or what you should have done, he listened. He did not talk when you are talking, he listened because he knows what you need the most is a listening ear and an open heart.

9. “You are beautiful.”

Because you are the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on. #Dyosa!

10. “Marry me.”

When translated, this also means “I can live without you but I choose not to because spending a lifetime by your side is the greatest thing that will happen to me. I want the adventure of a lifetime, and that is you. Marry me and I swear I’ll be the happiest person alive.” PS. Guys, thank me later.

Remember that even though he does not say it much, the little things he do and say means more. Love is, after all, something you should feel and not always literally hear.

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