10 Perfect e-liquids To Pair Up With Your Everyday Drink


Sam Zaman, Vigor Buddy |  The days of Mad Men have long since slipped away, especially for those who still like to inhale without experiencing potential health issues. Vaping has moved up as a great means of getting a fix which is roughly 90 percent healthier.

According to a 2014 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 9 million Americans are now using vapours on a consistent basis, making up approximately 3.7 percent of the total population. This is the new health conscious community.  

If you’re testing out vaping flavors that go well with a glass of Merlot or Shiraz (already healthier for a drink), try one of these out –  

  1. Summery Peach

This one is perfect to try on fine summer afternoon. Pair your drink with a juicy fruit flavor. If you’re reaching for a blushing glass of rose, you may want to try it with a peach flavored e-liquid.

With the delicate, airy rose lavor and the summer sweetness of peach, it’s a subtle but striking combination for the senses.

  1. Bubbles & Citrus

Between its inherent crispness and the bevy of bubbles, it might seem like champagne is a tricky one to pair with many e-liquids.

Fortunately, e-liquids that have citrus notes are actually a great option for amplifying sweetness and embellishing the crisp quality of your drink.

Whether you go with a subtle lemon flavor or something with a brighter profile like tangerine, it’s hard to beat this effervescent combination.

  1. Crisp Apple

When it comes to the slightly bolder taste of a complex, ultra-fruity Gewürztraminer varietal, you’ll want to test it out with something that enhances its distinct flavor.

There are many e-liquids in the apple family, like apple strudel or Dutch apple, that can perfectly complement the already-crisp taste of this type of wine.

  1. A Bit of Earl Grey

The flavor of Earl Grey tea may appear in everything from sauces to cakes and scones, but this ultra-popular tea flavor also goes well with white wine.

While you may not want to try it with a sweater style, for a glass that is crisp and dry, Earl Grey e-liquids can provide a notable accent with their subtle, nuanced flavor.

  1. Cream & Oak

The oaky taste of a glass of chardonnay already provides a little bit of complexity for the mouth, and that’s why this style of wine goes perfect with an e-liquid that can balance it out.

While chardonnay pairs well with fruit flavors, you may want to try it with a fruity and creamy e-liquid like banana cream or seeds of banana kush to compliment the strong flavors of both.

  1. A Little Chocolate

There are many ideals foods, from red meats to hearty pastas, that pair well with a good glass of Chianti, and the same is true when it comes to pairing e-liquids with red wine.

If you happen to love chocolates, you’d probably be aware that it goes well with red when it’s at its darkest.

With that said, pairing a chocolate or cocoa flavored e-liquid with your evening glass will be sure to provide a rich, pre-dinner delight.

  1. A Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Did you know Cinnamon is a superfood and offers plethora of health benefits?

It’s well known that meat and rich chocolate flavors in food can pair well with red, but there are also e-liquids that can alter the flavor of a strong glass for a unique sensation.

If you’re looking to minimize the strength of your red and add a bit of spice to the mix, try a cinnamon e-liquid with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

  1. Dessert Drags

If you’re looking for flavors that will contrast against each other or provide a perfect complement, there are quite a few options.

For those who particularly have a sweet tooth, you can go double with your e-liquid and final course. Instead of holding back, try pairing your white with a similarly sweet e-liquid like crème brulee or custard.

  1. Sweet Strawberry

A perfectly plump, ruby red strawberry may instantly remind one of the bright days of summer and the warmth of the sun, but this sweet strawberry flavor e-liquid also goes well when matched with a sweeter type of wine.

Whether it’s sherry or an after-dinner port, an indulgent post-dinner drink pairs perfectly with this fruity e-liquid.

  1. After Eight

A dessert wine can be a nice treat alongside a fancy main course dinner, but you may want to consider pairing your favorite after-dinner drink with its very own complimentary e-liquid.

Instead of something too potent, a peppermint-flavored e-liquid like chocolate or candy cane can really amplify the sweeter side of your dessert wine.

Whether its THC oil or e-liquids, there are more than a few options to pair up with your favorite daily drinks. Or if you like to party mainly on weekends, you may want to consider some of the above combinations.

Not just they are great on taste but healthier too. In fact, hard drinks are slowly replacing beverages like tea and coffee which are already guilty of caffeine content. The key is to take everything in moderation. And if that’s the case, you are well on your way to wellness.

Contributed by – https://www.vitalcaremedicalcenter.com