10 Commandments to Lessen Pet Allergy


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Are you a pet lover but unfortunately have a pet allergy, don’t worry because you can still enjoy the company of your pets. Here are some tips to lessen pet allergy:

Thou shall keep thy pet out.

A lot of pet lovers have been used living with their buddies inside their homes in fear that they may roam outside the confines of their houses. Keeping your pets outside is a good idea to minimize the exposure to pet dander but this would be perfect if you have built-in fences where your pet can safely roam around (except if you have a pet cat because they tend to stray). One should also provide a home for your pets where they can seek shelter to.

Thou shall have pet-free rooms in thy home.

There are instances where one cannot keep their pets outside because of their living spaces. If you cannot let your pets outside, then the best option is to assign a room where your pets are not allowed to enter. Decide which room every family member frequently go and make it the restricted areas for your pets. Better yet, confine your pet into one area or room and prevent them from entering your pet-free areas.

Thou shall remove or replace materials that may trap pet dander.

The carpets, drapes and other furniture covered in fabric should go. Well, if you can’t avoid these things entire, you can lessen using it. It is more advisable to put on tiles, wood floors or linoleum for flooring.

Thou shall keep homes clean.

ALL. THE. TIME. Pets shed dander like how you shed dead skin. Usually they get trapped on curtains, upholstered couches and covers, pillows, blankets and more. Control pet dander by frequent cleaning of the house. Sweep and mop floors. Dust and wipe surfaces to minimize the presence of dander.

Thou shall consider using an air purifier.

Air purifier is a big help to lessen pet dander at home. Try looking for a purifier that would suit the needs of your family and of course your preferences.

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Thou shall wash beddings often.

The ideal replacing of beddings is every two weeks. Wash in hot water and replace beddings to avoid accumulation of pet dander and bed mites that causes allergies.

Thou shall wash pet beddings also.

Of course, maintaining a clean cage for them is also a must. Make it a habit to wash their covers as well.

Thou shall decontaminate thy pet.

Give your pet a bath every week to wash off allergens. Ask your vet for a shampoo or soap that would keep your pet’s skin from drying. Make sure that brushing or combing of your pet’s fur is done outside to prevent allergens from scattering inside the house.

Thou shall use anti-allergen room sprays.

Seek the help of doctors or allergist for recommended anti-allergen sprays. This will help deactivate allergens in your home.

Thou shall promote proper hygiene.

Anyone on the household who touches your pet should wash hands after. Kids who played with them should take a bath before bed to wash off allergens.

Follow these 10 tips so you can keep away from pet allergies while enjoying the company of your pet best friend.

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