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12 Things Skinny Girls Are Tired of Hearing


Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

I am a naturally skinny person.

Believe it or not, being skinny is not the best thing that has happened to me. “Skinny” is not always a compliment. Being this thin for almost two decades now also means a never-ending question of “Why are you so skinny?” or comments like “Geez! I wish to have your body.” People tend to associate skinny as beautiful or happy. But the truth is skinny is just a body type. No more than that. A lot of skinny people have heard so many things growing up.

Here are 12 things skinny girls always hear:

  1. Why go to the gym? You’re already thin. Why wouldn’t I? Just because I’m skinny does not mean I’m in shape. Sweating and stretching those muscles is good too. So does heading to the gym is for everyone.
  2. Do you even eat? I eat. It is essential to keep you alive. Thanks for the concern.
  3. Don’t skip meals. Weird as this might sound, but I don’t skip meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks in between. I make sure I eat.
  4. EXTRA RICE?! Really? Extra rice. I’m a rice person. It is somewhat annoying when people give me those kind of glances whenever I would order one more rice. Eating is a right people. Don’t stop me.
  5. You look like a toothpick. Thank you for comparing me to something people pick their teeth with. Listen to the sarcasm please. Seriously, this is not third grade to name call people. It is bad because can affect people’s perspective and outlook hence labeling themselves as ugly. Stop labeling people with names please – not only skinny people but everyone else, rather let us just be nice to everybody okay?
  6. Where do you put everything you eat? Well… Let’s see. Some goes to my stomach, on my bones too, and cells. Oh yes! My neurons use some of what I eat too. But mostly they just go out of my bottom.
  7. Lucky for you, you don’t have to exercise or watch what you eat. Another NO. I exercise and I eat a lot. Every week, I see to it I run around our place so I could sweat, keep my heart pumping blood and the oxygen flowing in my body. We all need both to stay healthy.
  8. I bet you can wear everything. No, we cannot. We cannot wear Lady Gaga’s iconic, stylish clothes (who can right?). We would drown on oversized shirts. Wearing plain leggings is totally a NOT. Let me repeat, WE CANNOT WEAR EVERYTHING.
  9. Guys love curves you know? And I’m pretty sure they also love a good personality and a girl with brains who uses it well. Stop categorizing what guys dig or not just because society labels it that way. Real guys see the worth of a woman not according to their body type.
  10. What diet plan do you take? Here is the secret. My diet plan is called the SEAFOOD diet. I see food, then I eat it. *sigh* NO! I DO NOT DIET and I don’t have plans of dieting. Why would I? Eating is heaven. We all know that.
  11. Your wrists are so small. I know! I see them every freaking day, every time and mind you for the rest of my life. If you don’t know yet, I have small wrists because your body parts need to be proportioned to the other parts right? Don’t state the obvious. And stop wrist grabbing and showing me how you can wrap your fingers around it.
  12. You should try modeling. I did actually and I’m enjoying it. This should have been a compliment but sometimes, I’m getting the impression that people think models should be skinny which shouldn’t be. Nowadays, plus size models are so hype. Modeling should not be confined to the premise that models should have thigh gaps. Be proud! Love thy curves!

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